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The stars are perfectly aligned for a swift and massive breakthrough of small scale solar energy production in urban areas.

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With Datacenter Luxembourg’s Private Cloud Infrastructure services, there is no need to become an expert in virtualization or network technologies


Six years ago, people said that a start-up firm like Netflix cannot be changed long history of American media industry.


Mobile telecommunications network equipment is expected to work without issue 24/7.


Nowadays, many Korean startups want to be globally successful.

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Technology is supposed to make life easier, but as the capabilities of machines such as smartphones, PCs, home appliances and IoT devices become more diverse,


As work becomes more specialized, it is becoming more important that managers and supervisors develop the skills to lead a workforce consisting of highly competent and focused technical employees and consultants.


The fourth industrial revolution is largely propped up by two pillars: the convergence between smokestack industries and ICTs and the birth of completely new industry sectors.



Data centres come in all shapes and sizes, their designs driven by a multitude of factors.

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Alan Turing once said, “Sometimes it’s the very people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.“


Consumers in off-grid areas are rapidly increasing their use of mobile Internet services.


As the term of the 4th industrial revolution has become the recent conversation topic among presidential candidates, they are competitively announcing a pledge to lead the revolution.

FTC, Feb.2, 2017KOREA IT TIMES-- If you decide to buy a water filtration system, there are a lot of choices. If a company says its filtration products are “Built in the USA,” that might influence your decision. But what would you think if you learned those filtration products were actually imported from overseas?


I don’t normally watch horror movies, but there is a correlation between the movie “Saw” and ransomware, in particular a variant called JIGSAW.


The Korea IT Times release a transcript of article by Lee Kai-Fu,Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sinovation Ventures.
The article is about the time is right to open a Pandora’s Box for laboratory AI, introducing it to solve real business needs and address real-world problems.
The article highlights in the next decade, more than 50 percent of jobs in the world will be replaced by artificial intelligence.


Ban Ki-moon former United Nations Secretary General recently declared his bid for the South Korean presidency. What will this mean to the country?

To answer this question, it would be prudent to look at the historical role of a leader.


We can find out great Korean power from a candlelight vigil in this time. Despite a cold snap men and women of all ages and many families gathered around square and expressed their views on politics.


What might inspire you to take the plunge and start a new manufacturing company?


We’ve all seen it and we’ve all hated it. Your web page begins to load and then, right in mid-load it stalls out.

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