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In this Ubitopia3.0 era, I am an IT expert who is a unique user being connected to IT devices such as my smart-phone, notebook, TV & radio receiver, car, book, house and my identification things


Dr.Jwa Sung-hee

Dr. Jwa Sung- hee published the book in English version "The Rise and Fall of Korea’s Economic Development: Lessons for Developing and Developed Economies"


Internet users are growing more demanding and less forgiving, according to the results of a new consumer survey.


The Nordic region is leading the race to become the world’s prime location for data centres. Industry giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are leading by example, having already established facilities in the north.

kim Hyoung-joong

In Bitcoin, once someone succeeds in mining, the competitors stop mining immediately and engage in the next block mining. This is because there is no reward for those who come in second place.


From Total Recall to Batman, it’s fair to say that Hollywood loves a good autonomous vehicle. However, this technology is no longer the subject of public imagination.

People & Interviews

Da Nang City_1

[Da Nang, Vietnam] After 30 years of renovation, Vietnam has achieved many important achievements in socio-economic development, national defense - security and foreign affairs.

Oh Sanggyoon

[NEW YORK] Last year’s US presidential election results revealed the weakness of current projection methods.


In a new interview with CMRubinWorld, Peter Robinson, President and CEO of USCIB, says “the guiding principle for government should be to protect and enable/retrain the worker,


Samsung Electronics announced Oct 13, Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun plans to resign as the company’s head of the Device Solutions Business


The energy over-consumption is threatening the very existence of the human civilization on the planet is a view echoed by scientists – and indeed, everyday citizens – the world over.

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