Medical Tourism

Since the government allowed hospitals to promote themselves to draw foreign patients in 2009, the total cumulative number of foreigners who visited domestic hospitals for treatment has surpassed 1 million.


Green Cross Holdings (President Lee Byung Geon) clarified on 14th that it participated in the Series B-2 round in the form of investing


IOPE of AmorePacific(, the major Bio-functional brand from Korea, starts advancing to china in full-scale starting with earning space in Hanguang department store in Beijing on June.


Mogam Biotechnology Institute clarified on the 12th that it introduced the lecture of Dr. Robert Huber, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry,


Nature Republic (CEO Jeong Eunho), which delivers the beauty energy that is found in world clean nature, clarified on this 8th that the


Naturalism cosmetics company, The Face Shop, launched the first stage of ‘The Face Shop Chinese customer monitor’ that is consisted


Afghanistan is the place full of poverty and danger due to long-lasting war and political divide. Kim Kwang-Heui, treatment director of ‘WOORIDUL’ hospital( in Pohang,


On 6th of May, SPC( stated that ‘Park Avenue 23,’ the Manhattan 6th Paris Baguette store was opened at Park Avenue, NY, US.


On April 30th, CHAM TNTNHospital (, specialized in spine and joint treatment announced that its chief Doc. Ann Sung-bum finished treatment in China and would return back to


On May 1st, AmorePacific announced that it would launch 'TIME RESPONSE SPRING EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION', its limited edition for the event of May, Family Month


CHA Bundang Medical Center has become the first in Asia (the second in the world) to confirm that the transplantation of human embryonic stem

Kim Won-bae

Dong-A ST announced that its Vice Chairman Kim Won-bae of Donga ST would receive Changjo Medal,


ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES/“Infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV)? We recommend taking Novirin or Gene-Eden-VIR.” – Greg Bennett, CBCD.

Cha hospital

CHA Health Systems Inc., a S. Korea-based global healthcare enterprise, has inked an MoU with Japanese medical corporation Otsubo-Kai to conduct joint researches on regenerative medicine,


On April 15th, Dong-A ST announced that it successfully completed phase Ⅱ clinical test of 'DA-9801,’ self-developed natural product drug for diabetic neuropathy in the U.S.


In 1Q 2015, LG Household & Health Care, Ltd. (CEO: Suk Cha) reported the highest quarterly sales of 1.3 trillion won (+15.4% yoy), and the highest quarterly operating


Chairman Lim Sung-Ki of Hanmi Pharmaceutical(( met CEO. John C. Lechleiter of Eli Lilly and Company(


Painkillers not only dull physical pain, but they can also dull your emotions


Ewha Womans University Medical Center (EUMC) receives the Minister of Health and Welfare award for attracting foreign patients at Medical Korea 2015 Global Healthcare Award held on April 9th.

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