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Set to be shipped to the USA around the New Year, ESA’s contribution to NASA’s Orion spacecraft is taking shape at Airbus in Bremen, Germany.


Satellites are helping to predict favourable conditions for desert locusts to swarm, which poses a threat to agricultural production and, subsequently, livelihoods and food security.


Spanning 14 m from the spacecraft body, this impressive solar wing is one of two attached to ESA’s BepiColombo Mercury Transfer Module.


Two further satellites have formally become part of Europe’s Galileo satnav system, broadcasting timing and navigation signals worldwide while also picking up distress calls across the planet.


Building a future on another celestial body requires bold ideas.


Identifying the individual contributors to sea-level rise is a complicated challenge in climate science.


John Wiley and Sons, Inc. (NYSE: JWa and JWb) and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) announced on May 24, plans to collaborate on the publication of ETRI Journal.


ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is returning to the International Space Station next year and he revealed on May 29 his mission name and logo: Horizons.


ESOC (European Space Operations Centre) is celebrating its 50th anniversary.


Last weekend ESA’s CAVES underground astronaut training course sent Luca Parmitano into the deep unknown to explore the caverns of Sicily.


Working inside the International Space Station is sometimes like assembling complex furniture but with the tools and paper instructions continually floating out of reach.

QLED TV Autocalibration

Samsung Electronics announced today the availability of Portrait Displays’ new autocalibration software, CalMAN with AutoCal, on its 2017 QLED TVs.

3D Printing

South Korea has become one of the hottest markets in the 3D printing industry.


A rescue drone designed to save lives, one of a family under development by an ESA-based start-up in the Netherlands.


Seen here is a Cheops team member reflected in the satellite’s main mirror, and framed by the black internal surface of the telescope tube.


Astronauts in space are valuable sources of scientific data. Researchers collect blood and urine samples to understand what effects living in weightlessness has on their bodies.


Thanks to some high-tech improvements, ESA’s radio dish in Argentina will be ready to receive the rising torrent of scientific data beamed back by future missions exploring deep in our Solar System.


Discover our planet’s changing climate through the eyes of satellites with Climate from Space, a new digital book for iPad and Android tablets featuring interactive maps and video interviews with top scientists


Samsung Electronics announced on April 20 that its LTE-Railway (LTE-R) solution successfully launched its official service today on the 41km-long Busan Metro line 1 that covers 40 stations in the region.


SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM) today announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bluebell Korea to cooperate

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