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[Da Nang, Vietnam] After 30 years of renovation, Vietnam has achieved many important achievements in socio-economic development, national defense - security and foreign affairs.

Oh Sanggyoon

[NEW YORK] Last year’s US presidential election results revealed the weakness of current projection methods.


In a new interview with CMRubinWorld, Peter Robinson, President and CEO of USCIB, says “the guiding principle for government should be to protect and enable/retrain the worker,


Samsung Electronics announced Oct 13, Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun plans to resign as the company’s head of the Device Solutions Business


The energy over-consumption is threatening the very existence of the human civilization on the planet is a view echoed by scientists – and indeed, everyday citizens – the world over.

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[SINGAPORE/SILICON VALLEY] Silicon valley- and Singapore-headquartered start-up Gnowbe, a market leader for mobile-first, micro-learning,


[Seoul, Korea] Raonsecure, a leading provider of biometric mobile security based on Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards;

Roel Bulthuis (Head of Merck Ventures)

[Darmstadt, Germany] Merck, a Global science and technology company, announced on August 23, the creation of a technology innovation laboratory to serve as an incubator for start-up companies in Israel.


The 21st century, with its innovative and diverse electronic systems, shows starkly the ever-growing need for electricity, most of which is powered by fossil fuels. Indeed,


CMRubinWorld interviews futurist and global thought leader Charles Fadel about artificial intelligence eliminating 38% of jobs in the next 15 years and the new jobs technology will create.


Owing to U.S. President Trump's anti-immigration policies and a sharp reduction in the research budgets for the medical and science fields, large IT companies in the United States have begun to move to Canada as an alternative to Silicon Valley.


Samsung Electronics announced on July 13, it has installed its first ever commercial Cinema LED Screen at Lotte Cinema


ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli (left) along with Expedition 52 crewmates Sergey Ryazanskiy of Roscosmos (center) and Randy Bresnik of NASA (right) took to Red Square in Moscow yesterday


A a global Clarivate Analytics, based in Philadelphia providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation, announced


South Korea's Lee Young-sang, CEO of Data Streams Corp., was selected as an economic delegate accompanying President Moon Jae-in on his first state visit to the United States, Data Streams said on June 23. Mr.


The appointment is the first step to bridge between Korean IT companies and local buyers and investors in Vancouver, which is emerging as the second Silicon Valley, it announced on June 15.


PR Newswire recently sat down with Yeon Chol-woong, a journalist of 13 years and a founding member of Korea IT Times, to learn more about the type of stories the publication is interested in and tips PR professionals should note when pitching the media outlet. Yeon graduated from the University of Maryland with a major in computer science.


Much has been made recently in the engineering world about the impending end of “Moore’s Law.”


DataStreams Corp. announced that it participated in the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2017 on April 28 in Beijing, China.


"The R&D center of S company had a bitter experience several months ago. Because its R&D data it had accumulated by spending a massive amount of money for several years became useless as it was inflicted by ransomware.

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