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The Korea IT Times is a bilingual publication (Korea and English) with an eye on Industry & Technology, including the ICT field. We provide daily online news and a monthly printed magazine with a comprehensive forward thinking guide to global economic leaders and business people.

Each issue covers industry analyses, technology reviews, company spotlights, interviews, Reporter's notes, feature stories, events coverage, and up-to-date information on the latest global happenings.

Korea IT Times is in the business of real-time information delivery. It is a leading provider of content analytics, content syndication services, content management technologies and press release distribution.We are leaders in highly targeted, custom news and articles packages that deliver content relevant information to the industries.

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Publication Details

Publication Details:
• Launch: July 2004
• Publisher: Korea ET Times Media Group
• Category: ICT, Science news and issues including all of Industry and Technology
• Internet and Mobile online: Daily News

• Print Magazine: Monthly
• Language: English and Korean

How we are different

Impacting the industry as a whole
Korea IT Times’s high standards and commitment to quality journalism has resulted in all of its articles being indexed by Google news and Naver news, as well as the top 20 global portal sites and 677 global media outlets. In addition, the printed monthly Korea IT Times is distributed in 153 countries.

The specialized reporters at Korea IT Times aim to produce engaging content with their in-depth analyses of industry and technology news and to maintain high standards by avoiding the tabloid material that has permeated other publications. We are constantly striving to improve the storytelling techniques in our articles to stimulate analytical thinking for our readers around the globe.

PR Global Division

Provide domestic news to the global market and world news to the Korean market

Korea IT Times’s “PR Global Division” disseminates content through twenty of the top world portal news sites, including Google, Naver,, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Ask, Excite, GoTo, HOTBOT, Looksmart, Lycos, and Netscape, making it one of the most effective ways for clients to quickly reach their target audiences across the world. PR Global Division's distribution service is also available for clients who need referrals for PR services around the world, or for clients who need to create global promotion materials.

Korea IT Times has been focused on three important areas:

1. Highly targeted, customized news production, domestic and global service

2. Specialized reporter's creativity articles by each topic

3. An advertorial and promotion strategy group that returns revenue to advertisers

Our Influence
Industry leaders and hundreds of other global companies, organizations, and institutes turn to Korea IT Times's customized news and business intelligence services. We provide our contents to tens of millions of business customers related to large enterprises and small businesses including government policies in Korea and worldwide

Korea IT Times's major partners for content and advertising service are as follows:

- The nation’s top conglomerates including but not limited to the Samsung Group, LG Group, KT [Korea Telecom], SK Group, Hyundai Motor Group, CJ Group, Hanhwa Group, KAL [Korean Airlines], and Asiana Airlines.
- Global small and medium-sized enterprises including start-up businesses.
- Foreign invested companies
- Overseas companies
- Dozens of Academic, Government and ICT/ Science-focused sponsors within domestic and overseas organizations Korea IT Times News Distribution Networks

Korea IT Times's customized news network in South Korea
• Executives; professionals; marketing and sales managers and PR managers of the nation's 5,000 fastest-growing companies; ICT related businesses; small hidden champions and superior venture companies in Korea.
• Korean airlines, hotels, libraries, institutes, and major bookstores and university libraries.
• Officials of foreign embassies; foreign Chambers of Commerce; foreign trade representatives and associations in Korea.
• The President and officials of the Cheong WaDae (the official residence and workplace of the President of Korea); members of the National Assembly; government ministries; local government offices; and the Korea International Trade Association(KITA), Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

Korea IT Times's customized global news network 
• Global ICT firms and business associations and organizations in 153 countries
• Multinational trade agencies
• Credit evaluation firms
• ICT related companies and its consulting firms
• Capital investors
• 120 overseas representative offices of KOTRA
• 120 official residences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
• 22 overseas commercial agents of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
• Overseas representative offices of Korea Tourism organization
• Overseas representative offices of Korea Culture and Information service
• Overseas representative offices of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
• Major bookstores, International hotels, International airlines
• Libraries and laboratories of major universities worldwide