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Jung Yeon-tae

Owing to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's reckless provocations, U.S. President Donald Trump and Korean President Moon Jae-in are standing at the crossroads and neither can take a step back.


The fourth industrial revolution is largely propped up by two pillars: the convergence between smokestack industries and ICTs and the birth of completely new industry sectors.


As the term of the 4th industrial revolution has become the recent conversation topic among presidential candidates, they are competitively announcing a pledge to lead the revolution.


Ban Ki-moon former United Nations Secretary General recently declared his bid for the South Korean presidency. What will this mean to the country?

To answer this question, it would be prudent to look at the historical role of a leader.


The historic Lee Sedol vs. AlphaGo match took the entire nation by storm, thankfully giving much-needed impetus to the government and companies’ efforts to develop AI technology.

Jung Yeon tae

Like the rough breathing of Geojedo’s roiling ocean waves
You roared towards the wilderness.


Pro-North Korean sympathizers and followers’ plot to subvert the South Korean government, leftist academic circles’ struggle not to unwind financial entanglements and the main opposition New Politics All


We need to set up a sensor technology research center in order to move forward the robot and Internet of Things (IoT) industries, the two most promising cutting-edge tech sectors.


Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Korea’s independence from Japan, let’s ramp up our endeavors to turn Korea into an economically wealthy, militarily powerful and future-oriented country.


The Blue House (Cheongwadae) has to go over the S. Korean armed forces’ counter-North Korean provocation response manual, not to mention its own crisis response manual.


한반도에서 절대 전쟁이 일어나지 않길 바라는 마음과 그 대안으로 이 글을 쓴다.


I am writing this article in order to voice my ardent hope to all, an ever-lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.

Jung Yeon-tae

Unlike crimes of passion, premeditated crimes are bound to be carried out when the opportunity presents itself.

Hanwha onsure

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