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Saturday, May 9th, 2009

The SPIDER, BMT's new product with which it hopes to lead the standardization of the electricity distribution device market

Best Machining Technology (BMT) is located at the Noksan Industrial Complex in Busan. It is a listed firm that has been successfully nominated as an official supplier and manufacturer of tube fittings and valves because of its superior quality and accumulated technology experience. BMT has been focusing on the diversification of its plant, shipbuilding, ocean and electric power business fields since its foundation in 1998. Recently, BMT introduced a new strategic product called SPIDER that will be able to lead the standardization of the electricity distribution device market worldwide.

Even though there are a few major firms manufacturing and supplying distribution devices in the electricity industry, they are not able to manufacture a standard model for their distribution devices due to a lack of technology development. So, they are still custom manufacturing the devices.

From the 1960s to early 1980s, most people thought that they should go to a tailor to have their clothes fitted after purchasing them because everyone has different sizes. Since new stock size clothes have been introduced on the market, people prefer stock size outfits rather than custom ordering. Now this story is not just for clothes but also for electricity distribution devices. The SPIDER and Molded Case Power Distributors (MCPDs), installed as distribution devices in the SPIDER, could become a practical, exclusive distribution device as a standard model in the distribution device market in Korea and even abroad since BMT has successfully brought these innovative devices to the market.

BMT registered an international patent for its design and functions as these constitute a unique and safe electricity distribution device model. It is now beginning to publicize them in order to change the market trend so that buyers are easily able to purchase a standard model of distribution device instead of custom ordering it.

BMT has also been supplying the SPIDER to a lot of important facilities and places from industry distribution complexes to small scale buildings that have been looking for a safe and convenient distribution device model. It also contributed to the realization of the green government project based on IT technology by supplying its standard models to the second integrated Government Building in Gwangju in 2007. And it again proved its safe and economical efficiency by supplying the SPIDER to a lot of large sale complexes such as some petroleum and chemical factories of KPPC - a company which is affiliated with KNPC in Kuwait - Asiana Computer Center, clean rooms in Samsung Electronics and other regional plants in 2008.

The MCPD is a semi-permanent product that is never thrown away when people move offices, but can be reused by the next owners. To sum up the SPIDER, it is described with three S's - Saving for economical efficiency, Safest for the security of the system, and Stand-by for easy access.



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