Korea Presents Brunei with a Pilot ICT Classroom

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Monday, February 20th, 2012

 SEOUL, KOREA — the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) of the Republic of Korea has created an ICT Classroom as a pilot program for Rimba II Secondary School in Brunei Darussalam. The Korean delegation will be led by Mr. Chong-kwan Kim, Assistant Minister for Primary and Secondary School Policy, MEST, Mr. Haji Mahrub bin Haji Murni, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Brunei and 120 guests are to join the opening ceremony of the ICT Classroom on February 13, 2012. 

“The ICT Classroom Establishment and Operation Support Project” has been promoted by the Korean government as part of a comprehensive support policy for embedding ICT in education. The policy is aimed at sharing Korea’s successful experience and know-how in achieving ICT in education and information among countries. The first pilot ICT Classroom was constructed and opened last December at the Education Officials’ Training Center in Indonesia.     

MEST concluded an LOA with MOE last September in 2011 to the project forward in Brunei and promised its continuous cooperation and support in the area of ICT in education. The Brunei government has expressed great interest in the exchange of educational information, policy and technologies between two countries. 

Before the opening ceremony, Assistant Minister Kim will hold a meeting with Haji Mahrub and explain the 5th APEC Education Ministerial Meeting. This will be held in May in Gyeongju, Korea, and has asked for the participation of Brunei Delegation. In addition, a “how to” conclusion of an MOU for facilitating e-learning collaboration between Korea and Brunei will be discussed. Moreover, Mr. Kim will visit Strint Ville Technologies, an ICT and e-learning company, and explore collaboration measures to help Korean companies advance into Brunei. 

The ICT Classroom has been set up mainly by LG CNS, equipped with ICT in education related materials, facilities, and contents made by various Korean companies. Those products will be introduced and demonstrated in the launch ceremony. Guests will have hands-on experience to utilize these gadgets and a Q&A session as well.

To lay out a foundation to help spread Korean outstanding education contents overseas, MEST will promote available contents in the area of math, science, Korean language, Korean culture, character building, etc. The pilot ICT Classroom will be leveraged for educating and training students, teachers and education officials. The project is expected to contribute to enhancing the impression of ICT in education technologies and contents made in Korea. 

MEST will add two new countries every year on the education collaborative partners list. Therefore Korea can not only contribute to bridging the global educational gap but also promote Korea’s excellent e-learning technologies and contents overseas.

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