Hammer-Proof Smartphone Screen Protectors?

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Monday, February 25th, 2013

SEOUL, KOREA – In December of 2012, a Korean smartphone user named Moo-jun Kim purchased a hammer-proof screen protector, “Fix Hammer Film,” manufactured by SR Commerce, at Appstory (c.appstory.co.kr) for his Galaxy Note 2. However, Mr. Kim had his smartphone screen with Fix Hammer Film on it cracked after he dropped it on the ground. He sent a photo of his cracked smartphone screen to manufacturer SR Commerce, only to receive the final reply that SR Commerce cannot pay for the damage.

SR Commerce has been clearly hyping its Fix Hammer Film as a hammer-proof, impact-resistant screen protector. There is even online video footage showing a smartphone screen with Fix Hammer Film on it is absorbing the shock of hammer blows. An industry insider stressed, “Screen protection films are not designed to protect smartphone screen from strong physical impacts in the first place, so eye-catching descriptions like “hammer-proof” shouldn’t have been used in advertising.”

An official from the e-commerce team at Fair Trade Commission (FTC) said, “Upon receiving customers’ evidence-based reports of hypes, we will order the concerned company to correct its wrongs.

Unfortunately, consumers’ filing complaints with the FTC does not guarantee compensation money from the liable company.




Sean Chung (hbpark@etnews.com)

**Article provided by etnews [Korea IT News]

[Reference] : http://english.etnews.com/electronics/2715655_1303.html

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