Samsung Electronics to Release Galaxy S4 Mini Next Week

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Monday, August 26th, 2013
SEOUL, KOREA- Samsung Electronics is set to release a mini version of its smartphone Galaxy S4 within next week.The electronic giant and KT announced on August 23 that the Galaxy S4 Mini, a mass-market model of the Galaxy S4, will be launched within next week through KT.

The Galaxy S4 Mini is mounted with a 4.3-inch screen, smaller than the Galaxy S4 which has a 5-inch screen.

As the name implies, the retail price of the Galaxy S4 Mini is lower than that of the Galaxy S4. The new model will be sold at a price of 550,000 won, about 40 percent less expensive than the Galaxy S4’s 899,800 won.

The Galaxy S4 Mini has acquired a “blacklist handset certification” from the Telecommunications Technology Association last month, which means that the buyer of an S4 Mini can choose a service operator without being obliged by mandatory membership period.

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