Nature Republic, becoming topic for 'Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream'

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-What is the 99% pure gold cream that Youkers(遊客) show interest?
Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Nature Republic’s premium cream ‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream’

Nature Republic (CEO Jeong Eunho), which delivers the beauty energy that is found in world clean nature, clarified on this 8th that the ‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream’ that was launched at early March became well-known through mouth to mouth with its outstanding quality and had passed 150 thousands of sales volume within 2 months.

‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream,’ launched by Nature Republic ( on last March, is a premium cream that contains valuable ingredients, such as six year-old red ginseng and 99% pure gold.

It became news on SNS as the famous celebrities, such as actor Hwang Shinhye and Hyoyeon of Girls Generation, and announcers highly praised it due to its outstanding quality and specialty of its texture containing the shining gold dust, and passed 50 thousands of sales volume within 2 weeks.

In addition, its sales volume reached over 150 thousands during the last Labor Day period with the help of the Chinese customers that traveled Korea who experienced it directly and purchased several of it together as they became fond of it.

‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream’ that captivated both domestic and foreign customers is a dual functional product of skin-whitening and wrinkle improvement, and helps forming vital and healthy skin with its 6 year-old Korea red ginseng extract.

Its full nutrition of transparent texture and shining pure 99% gold dust can be confirmed with direct eyes and keeps smooth water line skin by adding nutrition and fully grossed moisture.

On the other hand, Nature Republic recently launched ‘Ginseng Royal Silk Gold Hydrogel Mask,’ the gold light nature gel mask, following the tremendous popularity of ‘Ginseng Royal Silk Watery cream’, and plans to expand the release of the fundamental products of the same line.

By Lee Kyung-ho


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