AmorePacific Group Chairman to Set up Science Foundation

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Suh Kyung-bae, chairman of AmorePacific Group

On July 11, AmorePacific Group chairman Suh Kyung-bae and seven figures from science circles gathered together and agreed to set up a science foundation (tentatively named the “Suh Kyung-bae Science Foundation),” South Korea's top cosmetics maker AmorePacific Group said.

The “Suh Kyung-bae Science Foundation,” scheduled to be launched as a public interest foundation in September, will fund basic science researches on a sustainable manner. Chairman Suh will dig into his own pocket to establish the foundation.

The goal of the foundation is to identify up-and-coming scientists and fund their trailblazing research in the field of bioscience in the long term.

Suh said, “Outstanding researchers will come up with new ideas and pioneer a new field of research in the process of validating their ideas. By doing so, they will produce innovative research results. Furthermore, I hope their work will contribute to ramping up the competitiveness of this country and helping humanity lead a more beautiful and healthier life.”


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