POSCO, China's Social Responsibility Index Ranked 1st in the Steel and Metal Industry

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Monday, November 7th, 2016

POSCO ranked first in the steel and metal sector in China for the first time in the Corporate Social Responsibility(CRS) Index of Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

POSCO ranked 4th in the same evaluation last year, but this year, it topped all Chinese domestic metals enterprises including steel to the top. China Aluminum, Minmetals Corporation, Taiwan Iron & Steel Company Ltd, XXICG Group and Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corporation , followed.

According to the 'Blue Book for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2016', POSCO recorded a score of 80.6 points, 3.1 points higher than last year, and it ranked 32th among 300 companies, same as last year. POSCO has become the only steel company among CSR 100's largest foreign-invested companies.

The CSR assessment of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences was implemented in 2009. In the evaluation process, 300 companies are selected as the priority population in consideration of the sales, brand and influence of the company, and the ranking is made according to the four evaluation criteria such as responsibility management, market, social environment and environment. This assessment is known to apply strict standards and is recognized as the most authoritative index in CSR in China.

POSCO's No.1 CSR in the steel and metal sector is the result of various corporations in China listening to the voices of local communities and continuing active social contribution activities.


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