SKT-BMW Launches World's First '5G Connected Car'

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Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

SK Telecom Executive, Lee Hyung-hee (right) and BMW Korea CEO Kim Hyo-joon (left) show the Connected Car 'T5' with 5G terminal.

SK Telecom and BMW Korea are participating in the world's largest 5G test network, ‘Connected car-drone-road traffic information 'to connect in real-time.
It is the first time in the world that connected car, which is attracting attention as a representative next-generation growth industry in the 5G connection society, is merged with 5G communication and released to the public.

Connected cars: Vehicles that can connect with cars and IT and have real-time internet access. It provides various information, warning, remote control, multimedia streaming function by connecting wirelessly with other vehicles and traffic facilities.

SK Telecom has established a 5G test network jointly with Ericsson, which can send and receive data at speeds of 20Gbps or higher and communicate with each other at a rate of 1 / 1000th of a second between the base station and the terminals. The connected vehicle 'T5' did.

T5: Combined with SK Telecom's T and 5G's 5, this is a representative project name symbolizing the 5G era SK Telecom will open in the future.

This is the first time in the world that large-scale 5G communication network covering 2.6km tracks and a typical services that can be felt by the public through this. In the meantime, the 5G test network has been built and operated on a small scale to verify key technologies such as millimeter wave broadband wireless transmission
Especially, it is expected to have a big impact on the industry because it has linked and verified the connected car, which is evaluated as a killer service in the 5G era.

'T5' is based on ultra-high speed and ultra low delay characteristics of 5G communication network. ▶ It uses V2X technology and image recognition sensor to avoid obstacles. ▶ It also provides multi-channel IoT communication ▲ 4K multi-view video and 360 VR video transmission and reception ▲ Unmanned control drone use of bird's eye view system adjustment demonstration 5G showed the world change.

V2X (Vehicle to Everything): Technology that exchanges information such as traffic situation while communicating with road infrastructure and other vehicles during driving.

SK Telecom Executive, Lee Hyung-hee said, "The T5 project is the world's first 5G-connected car, and it is the first step in the world to launch 5G commercialization."
BMW Korea CEO, Kim Hyo-joon said, "we will continue to combine automobile and IT technology, and we will make various efforts to realize future service with SK Telecom, which is leading development of 5G technology."

In addition, SK Telecom demonstrated the hologram transmission function through a 5G test terminal of the size of notebook under development with Intel, and also released 5G bus which can experience 5G technology directly. SK Telecom plans to operate the 5G bus so that the public can directly experience 5G service in the future.


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