SK Telecom leads the world in '5G standardization'

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Monday, November 28th, 2016

The 5G core standard proposed by '5G Global Partnership', consisting of SK Telecom, AT & T, Deutsche Telecom and Ericsson, has been selected by the World Telecommunication Standardization Organization (3GPP).
Recently, the globalization of 5G ecosystem segmentation caused by the announcement of various 5G standards has raised the concern of the international community, and SK Telecom's standardization initiative based on global cooperation has attracted attention.
SK Telecom official explained., "In August, global telecommunication and equipment companies, including AT & T, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung, formed 5G Global Cooperative Partnership for 5G standardization. "SK Telecom presented a unified technology standard through cooperation between the 5G Global Partnership, which was formed in August, in four areas including data transmission, virtual network, data and response speed."

SK Telecom is leading 5G technology innovation in NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks), an international standardization organization that discusses blueprints for next generation networks and defines new service requirements. NGMN is a group that leads discussions and cooperation on standardization of next-generation network infrastructure, service platform, and terminal from the point of view of mobile communication carriers and users.
SK Telecom was selected as the chairman of NGMN in 2012 and led the LTE-A standardization. In order to promote 5G early commercialization, SK Telecom was selected as the leader of the 5G Trial and Testing Initiative 5G has been leading the creation of a 5G equipment development ecosystem by standardizing interoperability between equipment such as terminal-base station, core-base station, and 4G-5G which is the most important for commercialization of 5G.

Park Jin-hyo, director of institute for network technology at SK Telecom stressed "We will lead the standardization of 5G standard through global partnership and plan to promote the commercialization of 5G innovation with major global equipment and chipset manufacturers."



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