Jeju Bank, introduce Smart Mobile Pay, “UBpay Service”

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

On November 28, South Korean's JeJu Bank through an alliance with UBpay (Direct Debit Payment Service based on User Centric Model), announces it offers convenient mobile payment service with only PIN.Any customers having an account of Jeju Bank are now able to use direct debit payment service through UBpay in all UBpay affiliated on/off line stores such as convenient stores, online bookstores, APT maintenance fee payment, gift card charge and parcel service, etc.

Jeju Bank and UBpay plans to continuously expand the service affiliated merchants and are going to cover credit/check payment in further

According to the Jeju Bank official, when in payment, no financial information of users not only passes to the merchant but also stores in merchant, UBpay server and even user’s phone so that it can perfectly block to any possible hacking or intermediary theft. Moreover, user’s convenience is drastically enhanced by offering “Smart Integrated Payment System” which takes care of payment and all kinds of customer loyalty programs like membership point and discount coupon all at a time

Jeju Bank additionally stated that it will consistently upgrade customer satisfaction level by more alliance with various merchants and also plans to build up “Mutually Beneficial Model with local merchants”.

Harex InfoTech Inc., the pioneer of Fintech, announced first mobile card payment system in the world at Silicon Valley, on April of 2000 and holds most critical patents applying to almost whole steps of mobile payment like issuing mobile card and its management, user centric payment system, multi-factor authentication system combining with PIN and biometrics.Harex InfoTech currently supplies the customized services to its alliance partners such as financial institutions, merchants, social-medias and various service providers with sharing Harex InfoTech’s own platform of user centric easy and smart integrated payment, smart ATM and easy remittance. The company is now under the expansion of sharing marketing service that brings ‘Win-Win Model” to the consumers, merchant, financial institutions, and all the rest of alliance partners.


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