OVEN Industries, Expanding Product Family with 5R1-1404 AC Volt Temperature Controller, Using RS-485 Serial Communication

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Monday, December 5th, 2016
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[Korea IT Times] OVEN Industries (www.ovenind.com) released Breaking News on December 5 experts in electronic precision temperature and sensor applications, releasedits latestAC Volt Temperature Controller, the 5R1-1404, with RS-485 Serial Communication.

The 5R1-1404 AC Volt Temperature Controller by OVEN Industries can conveniently be set in the field by a remote potentiometer or via a PC through the TTL level UART Communications port or by a Serial Communication RS485 connection. This compact Temperature Controller design can deliver over 10 AMPS of load current via an onboard 25A Triac. A Triac is a three-electrode semiconductor device that is conductive in either direction when triggered by a positive or negative signal at the gate electrode. The PC Board assembly is mounted on an aluminum metal plate allowing the unit to be installed in OEM units.

Oven Industries, Inc. (OI) was founded in 1964 and specializes in the development of custom electronic temperature controllers and sensors along with extensive turnkey Contract Manufacturing capabilities and International Sourcing. OI also carries a full line of standard products, purchasable online, including temperature controllers and sensors, power supplies, heat sinks, thermistors and thermocouples. OI supplies precision electronic devices that serve an array of clients not limited to these industries; aerospace, automotive, biomedical, defense markets, medical and semiconductor. With a superior design engineering staff and complete production facilities, the company is a leading technology and development company.



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