Samsung and LG have plan to debut new home appliances equipped with AI features at CES 2017

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Saturday, December 31st, 2016

There are expecting big changes will be made as human control devices are transferred directly to Artificial Intelligence(AI) like autonomous cars and robots in 2017.

Samsung and LG of giants electronics companies in South Korea have plan to debut new home appliances equipped with AI features at CES 2017.

In recent years, the CES has been all the range with such themes as the Internet of Things (IoT), connected vehicles and smart TVs, with global IT firms hyping their latest technological achievements.
In conjunction with these, AI has become a technology that emerged hits in the world market in 2016.

The move comes as the AI technology is the need for an AI-led paradigm shift, amid sluggish growth in such hardware-centered industries as smartphones.

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In case of LG Electronics, LG's robotic lineup will be able to navigate complex environments and decipher the most efficient and effective path to accomplish tasks,the leveraging powerful analytical processing power and
making people’s lives easier at every touch-point

Samsung Electronics already has announced connected its devices through its own AI ecosystem and plans to unveil its smart devices of refrigerators,handsets, and TVs with its AI technology at CES 2017

Samsung’s 'Family Hub' refrigerator not only is equipped with monitoring sensors, but also has cameras and a large LCD touchscreen display. The cameras take photos of the refrigerator’s contents every time the door is closed. Consumers can then connect to a smartphone app to remotely view the pictures while in the grocery store to actually see if they’re running low on eggs, milk or other items.
The Family Hub’s WiFi-enabled touch screen panel enables consumers to order groceries online with a “Groceries by MasterCard” app, all without booting up a computer.

For the LG HOM-BOT automated vacuum cleaner, LG’s first non-cleaning robots are equipped with AI technologies enabling them to be employed in the home, in tandem with other smart appliances, outdoors, as well as in public spaces:

LG’s “Hub Robot” designed for home use will double as a smart home gateway
and a personal assistant for consumers.

In addition, another robots at CES 2017 will demonstrate new capabilities for
tending to one’s yard and garden and include models designed for commercial use in public spaces such as airports and hotels.


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