KCWCA’s “e-welfare” Platform developed to the level of large companies

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Thursday, January 5th, 2017



On January 4th, Korea Certified Welfare Consultant Association (KCWCA) presented its “e-welfare 4.0”at the Yeoksam Cultural Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul to raise the welfare benefits of SME employees to the level of a large company.

E-welfare 4.0”is the first portal welfare service in South Korea to provide optimal online welfare services appropriate to the environment and budget of SMEs and raise the cost-effectiveness of the welfare services.

E-welfare4.0, which was unveiled to the public for the first time on this day, is a welfare solution for 3.4 million SMEs and was created to meet the environment and budget of SMEs.
The welfare portal service offers a basic welfare system for comprehensive health check-ups and condominium services. It also provides welfare points for employees' birthdays or promotions or national holidays, so that employees can freely purchase goods through the welfare portal. It is expected to be widely used.

KCWCA plans to consult with SMEs on corporate welfare and development services to enhance the quality of their lives by using welfare portals.

Although KCWCA started last April with only 60 employees, it is the only organization that has been awarded 924 first-class managerial welfare instructors based on the completion of  a training program.

The conference was attended by the current heads of the general affairs associations, welfare consultant, and approximately 300 people from all over the country.

Lee Hyun-ho, chairman of KCWCA emphasized that "KCWCA will develop small and medium-sized welfare solutions and e-welfare for 3.4 million SMEs and encourage their wide application to improve the quality of life for workers. The development of 4.0 will be a trustworthy welfare partner for SMEs.”

Chairman Lee continued, "We will continue to explore quality welfare services through continuous innovation of corporate welfare platform, e-welfare 4.0," and reiterated their efforts to “strive to improve the welfare of SMEs by further strengthening the capabilities of corporate welfare instructors


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