Nahm Ho-hyun of BARUN IP & LAW Publishes 'Designing Your Own Unique and Dazzling Life'

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Book 1 deals with his own confessions on the topic of creative best efforts from the perspective of a person working as a patent attorney. Book 2 deals with the behind-the-scenes story of how an established Supreme Court case is reversed and a new precedent is adopted and relied upon. He has also added the applicable court decisions to give better context.

This book contains the life story of author Nahm Ho-hyun who previously published the book Challenge the 21st Century with Intellectual Property Rights. The first half of his life centers on making a challenge with intellectual property rights in the 21st century; the second half of his life discusses his design of it in a dazzling, unique fashion.

True life story of patent and trademark attorney Nahm Ho-hyun

If you want a dramatic, miraculous outcome in your life, you will need to combine innovative and creative minds with best efforts that help to bend the pre-existing rules and barriers. This work helps to stimulate one's mindset to embark upon an adventure in life and unfolds in much the same manner in which a grandfather tells his life story to his grandchildren.

The author has said that living a life by believing in the power of positive ways of thinking is interesting beyond one's imagination, and that is the lesson he wishes to teach his grandchildren.

The first part of this publication discusses the author's disclosure of his life in his capacity as patent and trademark attorney has made best creative, innovative efforts.

The second part of the book discusses hidden stories concerned with his prevailing in lawsuits reviewed by the Korean Supreme Court or the Patent Court by surviving and breaking a Supreme Court precedent.




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