Asia Ranks Top Two Globally with Investing $3B to Health Tech in 2016

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Thursday, February 16th, 2017

According to the Health Tech in recent, having roared into 2nd place in 2016, Asia HealthTech is off to a promising start in 2017. With a reported $3B invested in HealthTech in 2016 in Asia, compared to $4.2B in the United States as announced by Rock Health, Asia ranks number two globally. The recent announcements of Practo's $55M Series D and ConnexionsAsia's $25M series B funding rounds, continues to demonstrate investors growing appetite for HealthTech's value proposition in Asia.

Galen Growth Asia believe that HealthTech represents an unprecedented opportunity to address Asia's growing healthcare challenges. To realize this outcome will necessitate better and stronger collaboration between the ecosystem's key stakeholder groups. As Asia's HealthTech catalyst, Galen Growth Asia hosted the Asia HealthTech CEO Summit which brought together leading HealthTech CEOs across Asia with over 150 key healthcare influencers.

The Asia HealthTech CEO Summit 2016 report offers its readers rich insights and points of view as seen through the eyes of the Asia HealthTech founders and CEOs as well as other ecosystem operators who are all leading the transformation of healthcare from China, to India all the way to Indonesia bringing together the perspective of HealthTech CEOs from 12 countries in Asia.

"I do find a tremendous opportunity here in Asia in HealthTech given we are so early. There are over 600M people alone in Southeast Asia and 1.3B people in China. With a rising middle class, health and wellness is now becoming a major topic for individuals and their families." Danny Yeung, CEO of Prenetics -- Hong Kong's serial entrepreneur said.

The Asia HealthTech CEO Summit Report reflects a gloves-off, open discussion of savvy healthcare entrepreneurs with the unparalleled opportunity to meet in one place to deliberate some of the shared challenges in bringing products-to-market, especially in a region where advanced healthcare infrastructures in high-GDP nations exist alongside developing markets with remarkably different needs. The report unveils their points of view on this promising landscape, its opportunities and challenges. No theory, only real-world application!

You will also learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs across Asia. The report features Q&A sessions with start-up founders and CEOs, who discuss the demand drivers for their products and share their thoughts on why a vibrant HealthTech ecosystem is imperative to the future of healthcare in Asia. It addresses shared insights on scaling operations into new territories, adhering to government policy and regulations, and ensuring IP protection for certain types of technologies amongst many others.

The Asia HealthTech CEO Summit report highlights startups funding rounds, business models and future business strategies. This compelling document also provides a quantitative and qualitative preview of the HealthTech landscape in the region such as Asia's HealthTech categories and geographical maps. In addition to showcasing the top 15 HealthTech funding rounds in Asia in the past two years, it offers a comprehensive review of all the featured start-ups to illustrate the evolution of Asia HealthTech solutions and founding teams.



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