Mirae Asset Poised to Invest in Renewable Energy

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Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Park Hyeon-joo, chairman of Mirae Asset Financial Group

Park Hyeon-joo, chairman of Mirae Asset Financial Group, said on Mar. 2, “Mirae Asset will make a massive investment in smart farms including solar energy and wind power projects.”

 “To make South Korea a country worth visiting, we will pay attention to the environment, tourism and infrastructure and make investment decisions,” Park added.

Chairman Park also expressed his willingness to engage in global M&As. Park said Mirae Asset would bolster its global competitiveness by acquiring businesses that lead the 4th industrial revolution or have innovative ideas.

“In addition to our efforts to set up companies and seek M&A opportunities, we will open trading centers in the US and Europe. We will help global talent unleash their full potential at Mirae Asset,” Park mentioned.

Park also said that Mirae Asset IB (investment bank) experts would be dispatched to major countries. In other words, Mirae Asset will directly trade in shares of major economies, such as the US, China, Europe, India, Brazil and Indonesia, in order to offer differentiated services to customers.

“We will send out Mirae Asset Global Investments’s alternative investment experts to each country to operate global funds in a sustainable, creative manner. In addition, we will spin off our global ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) business so as to increase our global assets in ETFs from the current 15 trillion won to 20 trillion won this year.”


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