Hyundai Elevator Wins Gold Award at iF Design Awards 2017

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Monday, March 13th, 2017

Hyundai Elevator said on Sunday it won a gold award at iF Design Awards 2017, held in Munich, Germany. Hyundai Elevator’s ‘Anivator’ elevator display won an iF gold award in the professional concept category. Its automated parking garage LED signs also won an iF award in the product design category.

Hyundai Elevator’s Anivator is an ultra large multi-touch elevator display which creates virtual elevator control keypads wherever riders touch and lets them enter their desired floors.

Thus, children and people in wheelchairs don’t have to reach out for floor buttons which are normally positioned high out of reach for them. In addition, multiple riders can choose their floor destinations simultaneously. On top of that, Anivator displays elevator information, weather, news, etc., thus turning elevators into a space for communication.



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