Harex InfoTech Inc., Launching “Gongyoung Pay” with Public Home Shopping

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Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Harex Infotech Inc. has recently launched 'GongyoungPay' service, a payment service for Public home shopping, which is the first in the home shopping industry, in cooperation with Public Home Shopping (IM Shopping, brand name).

The UBpay module, which is a usercentric mobile easy payment service, is installed in the public home shopping application, so that it can be quickly and easily settled when purchasing products in the public home shopping.In other words, the Gongyoung Pay powered by UBpay is automatically being able to share and utilize all UBpay connected bank’s & card’s issuers, subscribers and other merchants and service providersas an alliance partner.

As a result, 6 million members of public home shopping will be able to use easy and secure payment service at the public home shopping with credit cards and check cards issued by domestic credit card companies such as Shinhan, BC, KB Kookmin, Hana and Woori Card. Domestic banks’ direct debit payment service will be added in further.

Public Pay, a usercentric mobile easy payment service, doesn’t store any financial information such as customer's card number and PIN in public home shopping servers and apps, but also in affiliated companies such as UBpay servers and apps. Under Public Pay system, customer’s financial information is stored and handled only by issuer (Credit card company) so that it can perfectly block any possible hacking or intermediate theft.

The public home shopping, which opened in July 2015, has been positioned as a major outlet for domestic products of SMEs and the agricultural, dairy and fishery industry by applying the lowest sales commission rate in the TV home shopping industry and only offering products from the industry at the above.The sales volume of public home shopping has rapidly increased, resulting in sales of about $750million last year.

The UBpay service offered by Harex InfoTech Inc. is available at various online and offline merchants and service fields such as CU (Convenience Store), Aladdin (online bookstore), SSG.com(online shopping mall), cultural gift certificate service, utility payment service for 8.5 million apartments, highway toll payment and home shopping service. Moreover, with an alliance of Busan bank,UBpay offers smart order, various O2O services and smart cash withdrawal service in the form of Busan bank’s SUM Bank app, equipped with UBpay mobile payment module(‘Powered by UBpay’).

All the users of SUM Bank app don’t need to download UBpay app separately to use all the services at the above.In addition, UBpaywill soon release a usercentric medical FinTech service that enablesthe patient to pay for hospital expenses fromhis/her mobile phoneswithout having to go to the payment desk at the hospital, and also enables the patient toreceiveselectronic prescription in his/her mobile phone and remotely transmits it to the any drugstore he/she wants for and pay for the prescription fee.

Harex InfoTech Inc., the pioneer of Fintech, announced first mobile card payment system in the world at Silicon Valley, on April of 2000 and holds most critical patents applying to almost whole steps of mobile payment like issuing mobile card and its management, user centric payment system, multi-factor authentication system combining with PIN and biometrics.Harex InfoTech currently supplies the customized services to its alliance partners such as financial institutions, merchants, social-medias and various service providers with sharing Harex InfoTech’s own platform of user centric easy and smart integrated payment, smart ATM, easy remittance, smart tolling, medical FinTech and O2O service, etc. The company is now under the expansion of shared marketing service that brings ‘Win-Win Model” to the consumers, merchant, financial institutions, and all of alliance partners.





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