Traffic Ticket App:How People Get Rid of Their Traffic Tickets

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Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Just 28 days into the app’s Miami launch, TIKD, the South Florida based tech startup is transforming how people get rid of their traffic tickets. Drivers can take care of their traffic ticket right from their phone, in two minutes or less. TIKD also has a no points or your money back guarantee, plus people get at least 20% off their fine amount when they use TIKD. This week, TIKD announced its Broward and Orlando expansion in an effort to meet growing demand from drivers.

“The amount of app traffic and calls we are receiving from drivers wanting to use the app is really exciting. We want to take some of the sting out of getting a ticket. Tickets happen, that’s life. But, no one should have to miss work or risk losing his or her job to resolve a traffic ticket. TIKD is a true innovation and our way of making things a little better for people,” said TIKD Founder and CEO, Chris Riley.

According to press of Globe Newswire on March 24, Broward and Orlando drivers receive upwards of 2 million tickets each year. This results in over 400 million dollars worth of traffic fines. TIKD launched its traffic ticket app this week to Broward and Orlando with plans to roll out nationwide by the end of year. TIKD aims to become the most trusted and liked option for traffic ticket resolution in 2017. The company expects to completely change the way drivers get rid of their tickets. The web app is available free of charge and does not require download.


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