Incheon International Airport Police Officers Get Drunk While on Duty

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Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Courtesy of YTN

Police officers at Incheon International Airport are under fire for dereliction of duty. It has turned out that airport police officers played cards with their weapons placed on the floor unattended while on duty.

Local news agency YTN reported on April 12, Incheon International Airport police officers played cards with their portable radios and firearms tossed aside on the floor.

On top of that, they were caught on camera taking a nap in emergency exits and reading books during their patrol hours .
It is also reported that they enjoy alcoholic drinks while on duty. Clerks of convenience stores located inside Incheon International Airport said police officers came often and bought alcoholic drinks at night."

A police officer came clean about rampant dereliction of duty among airport police officers, saying, "After drinking alcoholic drinks, some drink bubble tea as a dessert and fall asleep. They eventually fail to answer a radio call and return to their station." Classified airport security reports were also found left unattended.

However, their superviser was completely unaware of police officers slacking off. He said," Police officers answer my radio call immediately and come to me in no time. I thought they were doing their jobs properly. I 've never imagined that they could do such things while on duty."



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