[Space Science]How Satellites are Monitoring the Climate for Daily Life?

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Climate at your fingertips
Monday, April 24th, 2017

Climate from Space

Discover our planet’s changing climate through the eyes of satellites with Climate from Space, a new digital book for iPad and Android tablets featuring interactive maps and video interviews with top scientists


Informative animations

Showcasing more than 30 years of global satellite observations, this interactive app explains climate change, the impact it has on our daily lives, and how satellites are monitoring the climate.

According to official of ESA mentioned on April 23, In a new way of presenting scientific research, the digital book integrates more than 500 gigabytes of data from ESA’s Climate Change Initiative into virtual globes and maps. It shows how key climate variables such as ocean temperature, sea level, carbon dioxide and soil moisture are changing through time. It explains how individual climate variables interact, and how they contribute to climate phenomena such as El Niño or global warming.


Explaining climate science

Text, images, diagrams and animations explain how these parts of the Earth system affect human life and activity, and why measuring them is important for climate science. Leading scientists from across Europe explain their work in their own words in short video interviews.

Dr. Fiona Strawbridge, Head of Digital Education, University College London in the UK said “Climate from Space is a beautifully designed and richly informative resource,” and he added “The interactive data viewer allows you to compare different phenomena and how they change over time – and you can roam around the globe, zooming in on areas that interest you."

* Photo Copyright: Planetary Visions; music: “View of the Greenland Sea north of Siglufjörður, 2” by The Gateless Gate, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0


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