DataStreams, Big Data Analyzing Platform TeraONE, Attracting Much Attention at GMIC 2017 in Beijing

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Sunday, April 30th, 2017

CEO, Lee Young-sang gives a speech the SMART strategy on the successful applications of Big Data in various industries in Korea

DataStreams Corp. announced that it participated in the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) 2017 on April 28 in Beijing, China.

Lee Young-sang, CEO of DataStreams, gave a speech, as a representative of South Korea, on the successful applications of Big Data in various industries in Korea as well as cases of platform construction, which served as an opportunity to promote the superiority of Korea's IT infrastructure and relevant services.

In particular, CEO Lee introduced SMART Strategy, which is a methodology applied from the establishment of strategies for the successful execution of financial business utilizing Big Data to the internalization process in the company, as well as the Big Data analyzing platform TeraONE based on its own data warehouse and data governance technologies, attracting much attention and positive response from Chinese people.

GMIC, which celebrates its 9th anniversary this year, is one of the largest events held in major cities around the world. GMIC 2017 Beijing, attended by the key players in the China’s IT industry, including Stephen Hawking, who sent a congratulatory video message, Tencent Cloud, Weibo, IQIYI, Wechat Pay, Huawei, and Xiaomi, featured a variety of programs including conferences, discussions, and exhibitions in various fields such as mobile, Internet, Big Data, Global FinTech, and AI.



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