Weather Trends International Unveils The Equity Report

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The Equity Report tracks how weather specifically influences 63 equities last quarter, month-to-date and 9-months ahead
Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ Korea IT Times-- Weather Trends International, the global leader of proactive and predictive year-ahead business weather analytics for Fortune 1,000 companies in retail, manufacturing, agriculture and financial services, has launched The Equity Report to complement their financial services solutions.

"We've used Weather Trends' year-ahead guidance for over a decade on both the buy side and sell side here at J.P. Morgan; what I find most valuable is their accuracy, level of global detail and especially their Equity Report which lays out a strategic road map 3 quarters ahead," said Matt Boss, Managing Director, Equity Research, J.P. Morgan.

Weather Trends' 12-time award-winning statistical math-based, 24-climate cycle technology for global year-ahead weather and business forecasting allows weather-sensitive industries to be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE to the ever-volatile weather 11-months ahead. "For 15-years now we've built a solid reputation in the industry as experts in long range weather forecasting, retail, and how weather specifically influences thousands of seasonal categories and overall business performance. Our Equity Report helps to reduce the surprises with a simple report sent out every Monday before the bell," said Bill Kirk, CEO Weather Trends International.

The Equity Report maps store locations for 63 equities (Mall, Off-Mall, Discounters, Home Centers, Restaurants, Shoe, Auto, Pharmacy, Beverage, Coffee, Energy and e-commerce) to the weather (past and future) to provide valuable, simple insights as to the favorability (5 category index) of weather the last few months, month-to-date, and most importantly, a 9-month (3 quarters) ahead outlook. Forbes Magazine ranked Weather Trends the 5th Most Promising Company in America for a reason and our PROACTIVE solutions will forever change the way you look at the weather as it relates to business performance. 


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