Barun Electronics-Seoul Global Internship, Invite a Marine Petty Officer and Held Career Lecture

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From advices to SNS Mentoring provide customized special career lecture
Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

바른전자-서울 글로벌 인턴십 아카데미

The 3rd lecture of ‘Seoul Global Internship Academy’, managed by Barun Electronics (CEO Taesub Kim) and Seoul Metropolitan Office (Superintendent of education, Cho Hee Yeon) as a prototype, held at Seoul Technical High School (Principal Hanseok Yang).

A technological petty officer of second marine division (Commander Seungdo Lee) participated as a special lecturer in this lecture, supported by a firm, an educational institution and the local community to help students getting an actual career education and business knowledge.

Barun Electronics press mentiones on May 29 that conducts an active exchange with second marine division. In order to help students with finding a job, the second marine division fosters communication through this lecture between the students and the lecturer.

The special lecturer, a petty officer Junhyeok Kim, talked to Seoul Technical High School students about technological petty officer, the application process, their tasks and how he feels as an actual technological petty officer. His lecture differed from other career education which is focused on visual media. He led free conversations with students about various practical issues such as wages, difficulties and job satisfaction.

Before this lecture students established a close rapport through asking and talking on SNS. After the lecture, students expressed satisfaction with his lecture at the free interview time through asking him serious questions about their future.

Hanna Yoo (A second year student at Seoul Technical High School) said, “I realized that women work in various fields as military officers.” And “His information regarding the job was not vague. It was really helpful that he told us about the preparation process and his experience as a petty officer.”

The Barun Electronics chief of communication team, Seol Myounghwan said, “As a high school student, preparing for a public official in technical post, it is difficult to find information such as required licenses and actual working environment. Therefore, the invitation of a petty officer could gain sympathy of students.” And, “I will support them through SNS to make continuous communication and mentoring after the lecture.”

Up until now, 130 students completed the career vocational education of the Barun Electronics Global Internship Academy, started in 2013. It was selected by the Ministry of Education as ‘2016 Educational Donation Career Experience Institution’ in recognition of its achievements.


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