S.Korean President Moon Determines to Spend Every Single Won in the Budget on Job Creation

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Thursday, June 15th, 2017

President Moon Jae-in delivers his first address to the National Assembly, asking for the cooperation of lawmakers to pass his supplementary budget bill on job creation

South Korean President Moon Jae-in delivers his first address to the National Assembly on June 12, asking the assembly to pass his supplementary budget bill on job creation. President Moon has addressed the National Assembly, since 34 days presidential inauguration. His speech also drew attention as he used a new format power point slides -- unlike other presidential addresses in the past.

As President Moon explained his government’s supplementary budget on job creation to the National Assembly, a total of 22 slides filled the two large screens inside the hall.

“There is only one solution. That is to increase the number of decent jobs,” said President Moon, as he laid out his plans to solve political, economic and social issues facing Korea today.

To accomplish these goals, the president proposed a supplementary budget that would help to create jobs in the public sector for young people, to facilitate youth employment and to encourage new business start-ups.

President Moon also highlighted the points in his budget that would increase job opportunities for women and seniors.

The supplementary budget includes plans to raise wages during maternity leave, to almost twice as much as is currently available, to extend support for national and public daycare centers, and fund women who want to re-enter the workforce and find jobs more easily.

The supplementary budget involves funds earmarked for supporting the employment and health of seniors. These funds are designed to increase jobs available to seniors, and to help maintain their health. It also includes budget items to create jobs that reflect regional characteristics and strengthen public safety.

“The government needs to offer a helping hand without delay to people undergoing hardship,” said President Moon.

 Writing by Yoon Sojung(arete@korea.kr)/ Editing by Korea IT Times



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