'Hello Tomorrow Korea' Launch Its Inaugural Conference at Seoul

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Monday, June 19th, 2017

Hello Tomorrow Korea (HTK) is launching its inaugural conference at the Grand Walker hill Hotel Seoul on July 3rd - 4th, in partnership with the 8th annual Asian Leadership Conference (ALC). The joint conference will gather over 130 speakers and 2,000 participants comprising top policymakers, leaders and entrepreneurs from the business, technology and science sectors to discover innovative solutions for today's global challenges with the goal of building a better tomorrow.

According to PRNewswire on June 19 that this year's HTK theme "Convergence of Technologies" aims to explore interdisciplinary convergence within the areas of IoT, VR, AR, AI, HI, Robotics, Nano Tech Health-Tech, Industry 4.0, and Sustainable Technologies. In conjunction with the ALC's theme of "New Leadership in the Era of Hyper-Uncertainty: Towards Cooperation and Prosperity", the international conference aims to galvanize one of the most powerful and influential change-making platforms in the world.

The conference will also feature the top 10 finalists of the HTK Startup Challenge. The winner of the HTK Startup Challenge will be awarded a $50,000 Rapid Technology Commercialisation Workshop and travel package to Paris as a Grand Prize

Keynote speakers at the HTK x ALC 2017 include:

  • Barack Obama, Former President of the United States will speak at the ALC
  • David Cameron, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will speak at the ALC
  • Yasuo Fukuda, Former Prime Minister of Japan
  • Bas Lansdorp, CEO of Mars One
  • Bibop Gresta, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
  • Mike Butcher, Editor At Large at TechCrunch
  • Justin Yifu Lin, Honorary Dean of National School of Development at Peking University / Former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President at the World Bank


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