Yonaco Group is the Host of "Korea Business Conference" Allowing Israeli and Korean Cooperation

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Monday, June 26th, 2017

Mr. Itzik Yona(right), CEO of Yonaco Group and Dr. Pahk Heui Jae, National CTO of Korea

Yonaco Group (http://www.yonaco.com) is a 14 years old business advisory firm dedicated to building businesses and executing transactions for their Israeli and Korean partners, thought offices in Seoul and inTel-Aviv.

Israel is The Start-Up Nation, with over 1400 new startups established per year. Israeli technology experience many "exists" the latest are as Waze ($1.1 billion by Google), Mobile-eye ($15 billion by Intel), Trusteer ($1 billion by IBM) and many others.

Korea is one of the largest manufacturer and technology user nation, and Israel is one of a technology hub. These two economies are complimentary. This is the vision behind YONACO Group.

Yonaco Group is mainly involve in business development , transaction support and technology scouting. They generates opportunities and business transactions for their Korean and Israeli partners.

jung in-soo

Mr. Jung In-soo, CEO of Yonaco Korea

Yonaco Group is the host of "Korea Business Conference" - a unique experience allowing Israeli and Korean businessman to gather and discuss cooperation. The Conference gives Israeli businessman the ability to learn about Korea from the best experts and meet with Korean business leaders looking for Israeli partners.

In the last Korea Conference 17 Korean delegations attended and over 100 business meetings have been conducted between the Korean delegations and the Israeli business leaders.


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