SYSTRAN, Provide AI-based Automatic Translation Solution for Classic Literature

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Business expansion in global heritage value preservation starting with Korean Classics
Monday, June 26th, 2017

South Korea's SYSTRAN International, provider of Intelligent Language Processing Services supporting multilingual translation, has provided an artificial intelligence-based automatic translation (NMT) solution to National Information Society Agency(NIA) for translating Korean classics into modern language.

According to PRNewswire on June 26 that SYSTRAN's NMT Solution has been introduced to translate Korean classics into modern language for the first time. This solution is considered as one of the representative examples of the convergence of humanities and scientific technology. It is also expected to contribute to secure academic assets and create a future growth engine. 'Diaries of the Royal Secretariat Translation Project' began in 1994 and is expected to be completed in 2035, 27 years sooner than in the original plan by introducing SYSTRAN's NMT Solution.

SYSTRAN has shown differentiated translation technique based on NMT(artificial intelligence-based). Compared to translation engines that are based on statistics and rules, text is processed in sentence unit and paragraph level for high-quality translation and better understanding for context. It provides optimized translation to clients with SYSTRAN's domain based solution.

SYSTRAN is expected to implement high quality translation with a specialization in 'Korean Classics Translation Project' based on know-how from 13 DB projects of Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics and its unique language processing skills. In addition, by building sentence to sentence or paragraph to paragraph parallel corpus, this solution will be widely used for contrastive analysis and translation comparison research between Korean classics and modern literature in the future.

According to Lucas Ji, Chairman of SYSTRAN, "As the value awareness of cultural heritage increases globally, the demand and need for classic literature translation is growing. SYSTRAN is the world's no.1 provider of Intelligent Language Processing Services. Starting with the translation of Korean classics, SYSTRAN will expand its business to a variety of national heritage value preservation projects throughout Asia and Europe."




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