galaxy s6 edge +

The Galaxy S6 edge fits in user's hand while an improved user interface have enhanced. In case of messaging and calling, you can send emoticons and handwritten memos to your friends via "People edge."

Giga Korea O2O

GIGA Korea’s O2O (Online to Offline) multi-business platform conference was held in COEX Auditorium at 2 p.m. on March 21.

suplus global

With the industry’s focus over the last several years on 300mm fab production, it has been somewhat overlooked that it will never make financial sense for many IDMs to migrate their 200mm production to a 300mm platform.

Clean day

대한민국 클린콘텐츠 국민운동본부는 아름다운 스마트 세상 만들기의 일환으로 '인성 클린데이' 1주년 기념식과 제 1회 '베스트 클린콘텐츠 어워드' 시상식을 지난 7일 서울 여의도 국회의원회관에서 열었다고 8일 밝혔다.


In order to celebrate IAESTE 65th Anniversary, IAESTE students delivered congratulatory messages from overseas during the IAESTE DAY 2013 in Korea.

SK smart home

SK Telecom today launched Smart Home, a service built on an open IoT platform to realize a safe, convenient and energy-efficient home environment for consumers.



According to statistics released by the World Health Organization in 2012, cancer is the cause of 15 percent of all human deaths, and affects some 14 million sufferers a year. With over 100 different forms of the disease currently known to scientists, most people live in fear of one day being diagnosed with this powerful illness.

Public Relations Film - SEOUL 2020

public relations film - KIT shin young precision

public relations film - KIT TRUSS

 public relations film - KIT KRISO


Breast cancer treatment is no small ordeal. Why not start by finding the best breast cancer doctors from around the world?

HONG KONG - The GSMA today published a comprehensive assessment1 of the impact of the mobile industry on the Asia Pacific region.


SEOUL, KOREA —  Big data, the trend to larger data calls for additional information derived from the analysis of a single large set of related data, as contrast to separate smaller sets but with the same total data content.

Dr. Nam-sun Paik and his assistant surgeons

SEOUL, KOREA – Cancer, the uncontrolled growth and proliferation of detrimental cells, is the leading cause of death worldwide. The WHO predicts that this will continue rising, with an estimated 13.1 million deaths in 2030. How can we overcome the most serious obstacle to good health and long life?

Koreabridge Hangout

Yesterday at Koreabridge, Jeff Lebow conducted a Google+ Hangout interview with Matthew Weigand, editor of the Korea IT Times, and Stafford Lumsden, 10 Magazine's Tech and Gear columnist.  

Naroo Mudfest

Multifunctional Swimming Tube by Naroo

Dr. Yang Jae-soo

IT Times interviewed Dr. Yang Jae-soo, the advisor to the governor of the province in information and communications to talk about U-Gyeonggi Province's Informatization Master Plan.

Porsche 918

As the Seoul Motor Show 2011 began with a blast, Porsche showcased the very special concept car, the 918 RSR for the first time in Asia.

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